logo-grey T909 Firmware vs01JUL13
Size: 241.35MB
Date Added: 29/07/2013

What’s new?

  • Improves camera motion
  • Some bug fixes to Android version 4.2.1

How to update the Firmware:

  1. Download the Firmware from TOUCHKON website into your computer’s Hard Disk.
  2. Unzip the T909.RAR file and copy into your MicroSD Card.
  3. Power off the T909 Tablet PC completely and Insert the MicroSD where contents the Firmware for your T909
  4. After inserting the MicroSD card into T909, reboot the Tablet PC.
  5. It starts updating your Firmware automatically.
  6. Once the update is completed, your Tablet pc T909 is ready to use.
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