How to setup 3G-connection manually in TOUCHKON Smartphone?

Most of the provider does SMS the APN setup automatically when you switch on your Smartphone. You just need to open the configuration SMS and further it does automatically. If it does not, please follow up below steps to enable the 3G in your TOUCHKON Smartphone:

1. Click on System Settings

2. Then click on “More” under the “Data Usage” tab.

3. After then click on “Mobile Networks” and on “Access Point Names”.

4. If you are using Dual SIM, you will have options to choose the 3G-connection setup between the SIMs. Please click on SIM card in which you want to setup the 3G connection. Once you select the SIM you will be on the SIM to setup your “New APN”.

5. When you are on your SIM card to setup the 3G connections, click on your menu button, which is usually next to home button. For example in TOUCHKON M601 is on the bottom, on your right size two panel icon. Then click on “New APN”.

6. You will be landing on the page “Edit Access Point”. Tap on Name and write the 3G-connection name. For example “Etisalat 3G connection” and in APN= “” for UAE Etisalat customers and “du” is for Du’s customers.

7. Leave all blank and go to back menu. Then click on “Data Usage” then next to “Over View” you will see tabs for your SIM like: Etisalat | Du . For other countries you will see your local telecommunication provider. Please click on the SIM and enable the “Mobile Data” sliding to right. Your data mobile status shall be “ON”.

Now, you shall be connected to your 3G connection and ready to use your Smartphone Internet connection. Happy surfing in your TOUCHKON mobile phone